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About us

Necessity is the mother of innovation and so began our journey. It all started with a frustrated career in cycling. Around 2000, I had been putting in endless hours in professional riding and had hit a wall in my progress. Exhausting methods developed by sports professionals just did not suffice to get me beyond that barrier and help me to achieve my desired performance. This called for a radical change of thinking.

The breakthrough occurred when I joined forces in 2005 with Marty, a science fanatic. Here was an untypical expert, with a passion to apply scientific methods to optimise physical performance, which naturally piqued my interests. With his left-field approach, Marty started questioning the traditional training practices I had up till then been following. Under a systematic methodology, ‘Train harder!’ became ‘Train smarter!’ This proved to be much more effective.

Synergy ProTraining
The first essential part of the revised training-regime included power-based training. And it wasn’t long until results started to show: I soon after placed in the top 10 at the U23 Road National Championships and started racing internationally. Within two years of my collaboration with Marty, I received a contract as a professional road cyclist. Comparing the outcomes of these approaches before and after, it was crystal clear, to whose methods this progress was owed.

Based on this success, Marty and I endeavoured to help other ambitious athletes achieve similar improvements. Our idea was to enable anybody willing to put in the work to tap into their full athletic potential. In 2009, we started our coaching company, Synergy ProTraining. Little did we know that we would end up working with hundreds of national and international athletes across Europe, amongst which were not only weekend worriers, but also Pro-Tour riders, World Champions, and Yellow-Jersey wearers.
Right from word go, the power-based training method comprised the core of our coaching philosophy. The underlying technology,  power meter systems, pivotal to this training, soon became an object of inquiry from our clients. Demand for tailored devices started to noticeably increase and following an holistic approach, the next logical step was to start supplying power meters. In order to separate coaching from our product front, we founded BikeFast Ltd, an online shop specialising in power meters.

Moving to the present, BikeFast has equipped thousands of athletes with power meter systems. The company has evolved from an online shop with a focus on a single product, into one with a wide range of high quality cycling merchandise. This is not to say, that we offer any old products related to cycling! Through our continued work with athletes, we at BikeFast are frequently in touch with the kinds of cycling equipment in current usage. Only after a product has been subjected to feedback from athletes and undergone thorough testing – i. e., its usability and quality evaluated by our equipment – only then may a product be officially included to BikeFast’s catalogue.

Our company’s goal is and shall remain to provide quality technologically optimised sports products – from one athlete to another.

With best wishes,

richardMarten Kaiser  
Managing Director